Animal Care Center of the Poconos 210 Lower Scotrun Avenue Scotrun, Pa 18355


Full service veterinary hospital.

Full service veterinary hospital.

We will be there from the moment that you bring them home to the day that they need to say goodbye.  Always.  By your side.

We will be there from the moment that you bring them home to the day that they need to say goodbye.  Always.  By your side.

Current Office Protocol



 We will come to you when you get to your office. Just stay in your car. We will come get your pet and take them in for the doctor to examine.  Our technicians will keep you posted and if you need to speak with the doctor, we will have him call you so please be prepared and bring your cell phone. 


E-Gift Cards

We are excited to launch our newest feature: Selling eGift Cards right from your computer!  Gift cards make the perfect gift for any animal lover and can be used towards any of the services that we offer.    

About Us


For our community

Our promise to the community.  

*To serve, 

*To be a partner and work towards positive impact, 

*To be transparent, inclusive and respectful, 

*To provide an ongoing commitment to the concerns and needs of our community 


for you

Our promise to you.

*You will be greeted with a smile, and a friendly welcome by trained staff members, who are attentive and caring.

*We will get to know you and your family. 

*We will care and we will listen to your concerns. 

*We are totally committed; We promise to own it.

*We will treat everyone equally and make a difference. 

*We will promote a caring, honest and respectful environment. 

*We will care for your pet in an environment that is clean, safe, and well maintained.

Ultimately, we want you to feel comfortable and respected while you are with us.   We want you to feel that you can call us anytime for anything.  We want to be your trusted partner in this wonderful journey that you have found yourself on.


for your pet

Our promise to your pet.

*To treat you as if you were our very own

*To understand when you are fearful or nervous.

*To understand that we are not 'mom or dad' and that sometimes, that is exactly who you need beside you.

*To make you comfortable in a new environment.

*To make sure you never feel alone and that you receive proper cuddles and attention.

*To provide the best routine care to keep you healthy.

*To provide the best care when you just aren't yourself.

*To relieve you of pain and suffering when it is your time to move on.

What most clients don't realize is, we love your pets too.  We get attached, we worry, and we cry.  This makes our job difficult at times, heartbreaking even but we would not have it any other way.  We will be there unconditionally.

A message from gwen

Some of you may know me, I have been in veterinary for 8 years now,  I am thankful for every moment of it and every friendship that I have gained in this time.  If you do know me, you know that family is first, always.  I truly want that reflected in our new hospital from our doctors to our technicians to our volunteers.  In my veterinary career, I have owned a practice and managed another.  My experience with my first practice taught me so much, much of that you will see when you walk through our doors.  However, since then I have realized that I want something different for my patients, I want extrordinary, I will settle for no less.  The only way that I can guarantee that is to open my own office.  So, we find ourselves here.  The support that I have received is overwhelming.  I am living in a dream here.  I want you all to know, that I will do my best, everyday to do the best for you.  To make you a part of our family.  To make you feel welcomed and cared for.  I want this practice to be a different experience than you have known in the past, a modern take on an age old profession.  Thank you for taking this journey with me and for again, trusting us with the care of your pets.  It means the world to me.

Gwen Corrado - Pomroy